Aditi Chaturvedi

Aditi Chaturvedi

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With over 13 years of experience in the corporate world, I am currently serving as a Product Leader.I have hired people from entry-level to senior leadership roles and successfully navigated career transitions myself. I began my career as a software developer and later transitioned into the role of a UX Designer. Through continuous learning and on-the-job experience, I refined my skills and steadily progressed in my career. Taking an 18-month maternity break and then rejoining the corporate world opened me to the difficult experience that so many women face. The loss of confidence in one's own ability for actually no fault of yours is painful. No one deserves that.

Been there, done that😇

My journey across various roles, domains, and organizations has given me valuable insights into the importance of showcasing skills and commitment through a well-crafted resume. I have been on both sides of the table, I know firsthand the incredible impact a well-designed resume can have on recruiters and hiring managers. Conversely, I am also aware of how easily a qualified candidate can be dismissed due to a poor resume. I channeled my experiences of interacting with hundreds of candidates across diverse roles into my book "Switching Careers".
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Nobody needs to be jobless 🤝

My mission is to ensure that any skilled professional should never be "jobless."I aim to empower others who possess the ability but may lack the confidence to reach their true potential. I want to help them realize their worth and assist them in achieving the success they deserve.