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Networking on LinkedIn was key. Personalized messages opened doors for me. I connected with a hiring manager who noticed my tailored approach created using Never Jobless tool. This led to an interview and eventually my current job.



Networking Path to Dream Job


I struggled with job applications until I focused on networking. Sending personalized LinkedIn messages to industry professionals made a huge difference. I vowed to send only personalised message for every job using Never Jobless Tool. One such message led to an informal chat and then a job offer.

Richa Sharma


Personalized Approach Lands Ideal Role


My job search turned around with personalized LinkedIn outreach using this tool. A well-crafted message caught a recruiter's eye. We had a meaningful conversation that led to an interview and my dream job offer.

Abhinav Prakash


Get a personalized outreach message in 2 easy steps


Enter Job Title you are aiming for and Past project that best match the role


Get a tailored message that you can use to reach out to hiring managers on LinkedIn, InMail or Email

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  • 3 Messages

  • FREE Step by Step guide to help you switch your career to a new domain (worth $5)

  • Free resume templates exclusively crafted for high growth careers (worth $15)



  • 25 Messages

  • FREE Step by Step guide to help you switch your career to a new domain (worth $5)

  • FREE resume templates exclusively crafted for high growth careers (worth $15)



  • 100 Messages

  • FREE Step by Step guide to help you switch your career to a new domain (worth $5)

  • FREE resume templates exclusively crafted for high growth careers (worth $15)

Here is what the experts say

Ankit Shukla

Founder - HelloPM | 60k+ LinkedIn Followers | Helping people land their dream job in Product

How to reach out to recruiters on Linkedin | Ft. Ankit Shukla, Founder

Tanu Agarwal

Product Manager @ Shiprocket | PM Mentor | 12k+ LinkedIn Followers

Transition to Product Management with personalised Messaging on LinkedIn | Ft. Tanu Agarwal

Sumit Kumar Singh

Startup & Product Coach | Harvard Business School, IIT Delhi, IIM Lucknow | Topmate - Top 1%

How to stand out to recruiters | Ft. Sumit Kumar Singh


Q: Why should I use this tool over ChatGPT or similar AI tools?
A: This tool is specialized for job applications, crafted after extensive research on what hiring managers specifically look for in candidates, especially in high-growth professions. It's fine-tuned to meet the exacting standards of recruiters, ensuring your messages are not just personalized but also aligned with industry expectations. This focused approach enhances the impact of your applications, elevating your chances of getting noticed and receiving responses.

Q: Will the messages sound impersonal or generic?
No, each message is crafted to reflect your individual profile and the specific job you're applying for. Our advanced AI technology ensures that every message feels personal, relevant, and authentic.

Q: Is this too much effort?
This tool is user-friendly and designed for ease of use. You can generate effective messages with just a few simple inputs, making it a hassle-free experience even for those not tech-savvy.

Q: How can I be sure this tool will improve my job search?
The tool has been tested rigorously with various profiles and industries. Users have reported increased responses from hiring managers, more interview calls, and a better overall job search experience.

Q: What if the tool's outputs don't meet my expectations?
The tool is constantly refined based on user feedback and industry trends to ensure high-quality outputs. You can connect for any support you need while using it.

Q: Does this tool cater to specific industries or job levels?
Yes, the tool is versatile and can be customized for various industries and job levels, including specialized roles like Product Managers.

Q: Is the tool effective for different platforms like LinkedIn and email?
Yes, these messages are crafted to be effective across different platforms, whether you're reaching out via LinkedIn, email, or any other professional network.

Q: Can the tool help if I've had good experience but still get overlooked?
Definitely. The tool is designed to effectively showcase your past experience and skills, ensuring that your application stands out to hiring managers.

Q: What about privacy and data security?
Your privacy and data security is a top priority. Your information is encrypted and never shared, ensuring confidentiality in your job search process.

Q: Got more questions?
Let's connect and I will be happy to help

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